Special Services

We are always looking for ways educate and entertain our Campers, their families, and the dog-loving community!

Throughout the year, we host special events at the Camp that anyone can attend!  Follow us on Facebook to get a schedule of events that include Doga, Paw Painting, Doxiepalooza, Rodeo Roundup, Back to School Photos with Elaine Rohde and more!

Puppy Pow Wow

Our Puppy Pow Wow is unique to the world of doggie day cares.  We have specially designed our Puppy Pow Wow to suit the needs of growing puppies.  The Puppy Pow Wow currently allows puppies to be introduced to other puppies as well as a wide range of situations and stimuli that will help them be more well-rounded adolescents who turn into even better adult dogs.  The greatest reason that dogs are relinquished to a shelter is due to behavior.  Much of the bad behavior is due to lack of socialization when they are young.  The Puppy Pow Wow is a wonderful opportunity to let puppies learn how to be dogs.

The Puppy Pow Wow is open to puppies 8 weeks to 5 months of age.  It's a comprehensive program built on the tenets of safe play, consistent human and dog interaction, and acclimation to all the "scary" things of the big wide world.  Pups enjoy a structured schedule of play, nap time and learning, including the reinforcement of basic obedience and social skills you are practicing at home.

Pow Wow puppies must have at least two rounds of vaccinations and be parasite-free (dewormed), and have a completed application and waiver on file with the Camp before coming to play.  The Puppy Pow Wow is available Monday through Friday and is $15 per each half day session.  Puppies will be admitted to full day sessions at the discretion of the Deer Creek staff; full days are $25 each.

Special Events

Some of the special services we offer include:

- Loose-leash walking training

- Bath/grooming desensitization

- Trick training (for qualified dogs)

- Crate training (safe place, not for potty training)

- One-on-one special sessions with a Counselor

$10/day for the above Special Services

We also offer short day sessions, by appointment only, socialization for dogs that are not ready for off-leash play.  During this time, one of our Counselors will work with the Camper, learning how to greet individual dogs, slow intro small groups, learning to take treats, and reinforcement of basic obedience skills like sit, down and leave it.

$20/session for the Short Day sessions